You, too, can make a difference!

Zero Impact® Web is here to:

- spread awareness
- make your site, blog or portal a tool for combating global warming
- promote attention to environmental themes
- provide tools for reducing the environmental business of your online business and its visitors, and compensate emissions by contributing to the creation and protection of growing forests.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats that the planet and Mankind are facing. Some gases, like carbon monoxide and methane, trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere, which contributes to raising the planet’s temperature: the greenhouse effect.

The Internet has already done a lot to reduce CO2 emissions: it connects us to the world, saves us time, energy and resources. But, however useful it may be, the Web also consumes energy: it is estimated that Information Technology is responsible for 2% of Europe’s CO2 emissions, with some seven million data-processing centres and 40 billion kWh consumed annually.

According to a Greenpeace report from March 2010 analysing “cloud computing” – the cloud of information technologies available online – at the current rate of growth data centres and telecommunications networks will consume some 2,000 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2020, more than three times their current consumption levels.

A data centre operating at 4 megawatts ((that of the largest search engine is 10) manages to consume up to 57 barrels of oil a day.

Even we can make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. How?

  • By paying attention to little things that can really make a difference.
  • By compensating the residual impact of our Web pages.